ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Marine Incinerator

Marine Incinerator

Incineration solutions from the industry experts 

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we have a wide range of marine incinerator spare parts for use in waste disposal systems found aboard ships. As a company that was established over a hundred years ago, we understand customer requirements and strive to provide exactly what your order demands. Our timely service and high-quality spare parts for have earned us our current status as one of the leading names in Denmark for marine incinerator spare parts.

We manufacture spare parts for a variety of incinerators including ATLAS, VESTA, ASI, ASWI and MAXI.

We have a stock of the most used incinerator spares, and our shop is usually able to manufacture spare parts which are out of stock at short notice, allowing the incinerator spare part waiting for the vessel in the next port.

As the ATLAS range goes back to 1954, there are numerous discontinued incinerators which are still widely used on vessels around the world, and we are proud to supply our original quality spare parts for these products as well. More information about our incinerator product range can be found on our website.

If you need help understanding what marine incinerators are, let us guide you. We have a wide variety of products and suggestions to meet even the most exclusive of requirements.

What do marine incinerators do?

The purpose of a marine incinerator is to dispense with all waste products generated inside ships through the process of incineration. As international laws do not allow people at sea to throw their waste into the water, having a marine incinerator on board a necessity, especially if your set-up is serving the purposes of many people.

For example, cruise and other passenger ships usually carry a vast body of people on board and are one of the many examples of where a marine incinerator would be crucial. This vast collection of waste must be removed, and as it cannot be disposed of into the sea, it is fed to the marine incinerator that burns it instead.

Examples of waste burnt inside a marine incinerator can include waste oil, oily rags, plastic waste and glass, with there being separate incinerators for plastic and glass.

Bespoke, rust-resistant machinery for the offshore industry

As ships are always surrounded by saline water, the machinery within them can be exposed to the likelihood of corrosion. As rusting damages the mechanisms, it is vital to take measures to prevent such damage.

At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, we use only premium anti-corrosive metals to construct our incinerator marine parts - simply because our customers deserve nothing less. We value our customers and understand that our solutions are a long-term investment and therefore have to last the course.

Rusting weakens the inner frame of spare parts and hinders machine function. To make sure our product’s quality is not compromised, our marine incinerator spare parts are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel and strong alloys. As stainless steel is rust-proof, our products are resistant to weakening through oxidation. The result is a powerful marine incinerator that can quickly terminate any waste the ship wishes to dispose of.

A wide range of products that are utilised globally

Our products are compatible for use across the world. Firstly, their high-quality standards guarantee that you will be able to use them in any country. Second, the machinery’s metal is strong enough to resist rusting in every environment possible regardless of water content or salinity.

As our spare parts are guaranteed to work in ships manufactured in any part of the world, we encourage our customers to import our incomparable range of marine incinerator spare parts to whichever country they are based in, including Europe, Asia and Africa. More information about ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can be found on our website.

The environmental benefits of marine incinerators

Marine incinerators have been around for many years and were introduced to prevent the dumping of toxic and environmentally harmful waste at sea.

Disposing waste directly into and body of water is severely detrimental to the ecosystem. Plastic waste is causing irreparable damage to sea life and, as glass waste does not degrade naturally, it is devastating the seabed. Human waste is organic, but still toxic to the environment because of the waste chemicals it contains. To avoid disposing these into the water and to keep oceans clean, the use of marine incinerators is essential.

Impeccable levels of service and quality standards

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is a company built upon the foundation of excellence in service and product quality. We never compromise on these attributes because we understand how important it is to curate machinery that will last a lifetime.

All our employees at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS thrive on their spirit of determination to devise and create products that are better than anything else available on the current market. It is our firm belief that our customers deserve the best, which is why we aim to conquer our competitors and overcome any challenge that may come our way.

Every spare part we provide is engineered to perfection by some of the most talented minds in the industry. Our line of marine incinerator spare parts meets European standards, which is a top-rated and well-respected metric for quality. More information about ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can be found on our website.

Trust ATLAS-SPAREPARTS with all your marine incinerator needs

There is no question that ATLAS Spareparts ApS is the right choice for all your marine incinerator spare part needs. Investing in a low-quality or cheap marine incinerator is often counterproductive and sometimes dangerous. When at sea, there is no way for you to obtain necessary parts or source relevant equipment so it is essential that you invest in a reliable, high-quality product to reduce the likelihood of these problems – and this is what ATLAS-SPAREPARTS can provide you.

Our marine incinerator spare parts are resistant to rusting and follow international and European standards so that they can be used anywhere in the world. We have a large selection of marine incinerator spare parts, so you need not worry about having to shop around to curate your set-up. Also, and very importantly, marine incinerators help keep the environment clean, so your purchase is ensuring a clean and safe future for all.

If you wish to contact us at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, then we can be called on +45 54 446 600 or +45 70 707 963.  If you wish to contact us outside of general opening hours then we can be emailed on or contacted through the form on our detailed website. You can contact us here.