ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Water desalination equipment from the experts at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS

As the go-to specialists in marine desalination equipment and water regeneration solutions, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS continuously strive to provide you with the very best apparatus in combination with impeccable service.

We firmly believe that our continued success is partly due to our belief that in order to prevail, we need to understand each and every customer’s individual needs.

Having been established for over a century, we have evolved and listened to our clientele and are proud to introduce our impressive ultraviolet sterilizer range. Our freshwater UV Sterilizer equipment has been actively engineered to offer a wide array of solutions to all of our new and existing customers as we continue to strive to be at the forefront of sterilizer innovation.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer equipment from ATLAS-SPAREPARTS for use across the globe

Whether you are well-versed or a novice in the ever-growing world of UV sterilization, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are here to guide you through the process to help you find the ideal set-up to suit your needs.

Our first-rate UV sterilizers are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel which helps to prevent against rust and potential damage. In addition, all of our freshwater UV sterilizer systems use parts that are certified by European standards and are suitable for use anywhere in the world. We can guarantee this in two separate ways. Firstly, we ensure that your equipment is electronically compatible with its intended origin, as well as being suitable for the voltage system of its destination. Secondly, we are proud to say that we strive to create products that are in line with international standard. For example, our UEBERALL UV sterilizer can be used anywhere across the globe – so you can import this smartly engineered product into your own country or use it locally in Denmark.

Innovative UV water sterilization systems for all 

The key purpose of our UV sterilizer freshwater system is to expertly clean and purify all water that travels through it; flushing our any excessive chlorine, chemicals or detritus and consequently making the processed water safer for human use.

Thanks to our innovative technology, the need for chlorinating water is also reduced because our exceptional sterilization system uses a powerful ultraviolet light which eliminates any thriving bacteria or germs in the water. Moreover, UV sterilization is notably safer than the use of active chlorine with it being far less damaging to skin cells and human health.

With the use of chlorine fast becoming a product of the past, ATLAS-SPAREPARTS are enthusiastic to be at the forefront of these technological advances, offering our customers the most modern and advanced equipment, innovative advice and options. This approach applies to our UV Sterilizer solutions as well as all of our product ranges. More information about our product ranges and water purification can be found here.

Introducing our innovative UEBERALL UV Sterilizer UBK

Thanks to our decades of experience and our enthusiasm for modern engineering, our sterilization options are designed to be simple to install, maintain and use, as well as looking discreet, smart and stylish.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS understand that installing an effective water purification system can be a costly investment, however our user-friendly UEBERALL UV sterilizer is designed to be a long-lasting addition to your operation, requiring minimal understanding, effort and maintenance.

UBK is short for ‘UltraBord Kompakt’ and this ‘compact’ system is designed to rapidly purify water on demand. We value this system so intently that ATLAS-SPAREPARTS also use the renowned UBK at our own premises.

The UBK has a wide range of useful features, arguably the most beneficial is its convenient, compact, one-piece design. Constructed to easily fit in most bags or suitcases, it is effortlessly transportable as well as being fitted with a 10-hour warrantied lamp.

More information about the UEBERALL UV sterilizer is available through our website.

Considerate design for the environment and human health 

Our clientele are enthusiastic about the benefits of the UBK and happily rely on this system as part of their swimming pool set up. By installing the UV sterilizer in the recirculation line of a swimming pool, it enables the device to readily sterilize pool water and filter out excess chlorine from it.

In these times of growing environmental awareness, it is important to note that this recycling of pool water is not only cost-effective but is also very beneficial for the surrounding ecosystem.

By using the UV sterilizer from ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, we can guarantee that every drop of your pool water will remain fresh and free of harmful germs and chemicals, thus enabling users to enjoy pool use in consistently clean water without worry.

Adaptable options regardless of niche circumstances

If you are concerned that your location or needs are too individualistic, then don’t worry. At ATLAS-SPAREPARTS we thrive on a challenge and encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements. We look to accommodate any specialist UV sterilization or water purification needs despite possible restrictive dimensions or capacities.

Having provided bespoke products for countless industries including substantial ships and oil rigs down to small-scale individual ventures, we are well-versed in the skills to upscale or downscale our products. You can find out more about ATLAS-SPAREPARTS on our detailed website.

Contact ATLAS-SPAREPARTS for all your water desalination needs

Whether you are new to the world of water purification and UV sterilization or if you are looking to modernise an existing ultraviolet sterilizer set-up, then we are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you wish to contact us at ATLAS-SPAREPARTS, then we can be called on +45 54 446 600 or +45 70 707 963.

If you wish to contact us outside of general opening hours, then we can be emailed on or contacted through the form on our website. You can find our contact information here.