ATLAS-SPAREPARTS´s objective is to supply all spareparts to ATLAS-DANMARK's freshwater generators and other products.

Water treatment

Water Treatment

Water treatment is the core objective for ATLAS-SPAREPARTS in order to ensure you a constant flow of sparkling clean freshwater.

ATLAS-DANMARK is involved in water treatment by manufacturing freshwater generators to marine and industrial partners around the world.

ATLAS-SPAREPARTS is involved in water treatment by supplying spare parts as well as service to both new and existing ATLAS-DANMARK marine equipment, delivered up to more than forty years ago.

Furthermore we supply spare parts to many other types of freshwater generators. Our water treatment service includes spare parts for Freshwater Generators AFGU in different sizes for vessels around the world, a process converting salty sea water to clean freshwater.

We manufacture freshwater generator to convert sea water.

Our water treatment service also includes manufacturing of spare parts for the incinerators ATLAS, VESTA, ASI, ASWI and MAXI, a waste treatment process converting waste to ash, flue gas, and heat. Our service includes discontinued but still used ATLAS incinerators ranging back to 1954.

Our water treatment service further includes the UV sterilizer UEBERALL UltraBord Kompakt, an onboard fresh water disinfection system used to disinfect freshwater after being pumped from the tank – or installed as part of the recirculation line of swimming pool water.

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We can supply exactly what you need in terms of desalination equipment.